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Garda Cartiere Calendar

Cartiere del Garda refreshes the dialogue with nature with a triumph of images, colours, shapes and lights intertwined in an harmonic dance of man and nature. A ‘panta rei’ of days, months and seasons unstoppably unfold, shown in 12 photographs by , image devotees and expert professionals in the dance and fashion worlds. Twelve months that can be reinterpreted and experienced through a choreography designed by the two contemporary dancers in cooperation with the Rome Aterballetto dance company, to express the greatness and respect for nature as humankind’s inspiring muse.
An emotional and striking style of communicating the intense intimacy of the relationship between the natural and the human universes, that is skilfully evoked by the symbiotic couple of dancers transfixed in their sculptural pauses and images of a nature seemingly dressing and elegantly sheathing them with its shapes and colours, enhanced but the images brilliancy and high definition.
Man and nature look as if engaging each other into a play of poses, creating abstract and bizarre shapes, as if from magic and far-away macro-cosmos in which seasons seem to remain suspended in an everlasting stillness.
An alternating mosaic of plants and flowers whose colours paint an enchanted world: blooming fields extend to the horizon, tree branches stretch towards the sky, flowers blossom into perfect shapes and vibrate intensely. A homage to the earth and to life – equally rightful companions – that are being celebrated throughout, even by the linguistic hues accompanying and highlighting every shot and underlining the respect that Cartiere del Garda daily upholds and nurtures for the environment and the world around us. The expression of the human body in perfect synchrony with the colours and tinges of the flora universe’s highest expressions are interpreted by the excellent photographers.

Photographer : Barbara Pichiecchio
Alessio Federico

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Client : Garda Cartiere
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