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The Wusthof Tear-off Calendar

Wusthof knives are extremely sharp and durable. They wanted to portray and communicate these product benefits to premium customers, ideally in a way that would remind them of the product over a long period.

They came up with the onion calendar, in which an onion was cut into 365 slices. Precisely as many as there are days in the year. Perfect for a tear-off calendar.

Advertising Agency: Serviceplan, Germany
Creative Directors: Alex Schill, Matthias Harbeck, Helmut Huber, Florian Drahorad
Copywriters: Nicolas Becker, Tom Hauser
Art Directors: Christian Sommer/ Ivo Hlavac, Sören Porst
Account Supervisor: Lena Inderwiesen
Photography: Layoutsatz 2000
Production Company: Pinsker Druck & Medien