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Waste Me Not Calendar

With today's mass production and mass consumption, Japan is flooded with goods and has a culture of disposable materialism. But in previous ages, we were a "Waste Not" society, treasuring our precious and limited resources. We would like to revive this spirit and sense of values. While self-promotion is one objective, foremost is our desire to contribute to a better society. Challenge: How can we redesign the calendar in a way that attracts attention and resonates with anyone who sees it in every daily life? Solution: We saw the calendar as a form of "engaging" interactive communication that encourages people to put into practice the "Waste Not" spirit. At the end of every month, the sheet backs are designed to be reused as memo paper, giving the calendar new life and purpose. A completely new recycled and recycling calendar was born. Result: Throughout Japan, this concept has resonated with people's desire to "waste not" and triggered a social phenomenon. Responding to demand, the calendar has been made available for purchase, creating a deeper engagement with consumers.

Designer : Yomiko Advertising
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Creative Director : Minoru Fujisaki
Photographer : Yukikazu Ito
Art Director : Wakako Endo, Yuji Nagase
Illustration : Masaharu Ohsuga
Client : Yomiko Advertising
Production Method :