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Gregory Calendar

Every day you wake up and connect one date to the next. At the end of the month, you have a pretty picture. The chalky white lines on black paper, and graphic design, make this appealing to both adults and children. These appear to work regardless of the year (although I’m not sure how they deal with leap year).

Who is Gregory?
Gregory Calendar is a playful and funny calendar which you can communicate with, thanks to a super-white chubby pencil. At the start of each month, a black page appears which contains numbered small white circles in apparently untidy way. Everyday you must draw a line dot to dot following the number order. A magic character appears in this way. Thus at the end of each month, one of the twelve of Gregory's friends takes shape through the line more over, you can personify and colour your calendar with your pencils at home.
Gregory is an excellent way of playing with your children. Indeed it stimulates their creativity and imagination. They can discover the world of numbers amusingly, they can develop their physical abilities as well as their concentration.
Gregory can be personalized with reminders (in order to indicate important dates or meetings) and ornamental drawings (small flowers, mountains…)
In this calendar, the year is not defined, therefore you can start it whenever you want. You can colour the small dots indicating the days so that week-ends, bank holidays, birthdays or school holidays are clear.

Designer : Demian Conrad
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Size : 30 x 42 cm
Client : Dadadum
Production Method :