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Telenor Calendar

This design solution provide flexibility in using calendar as a kind of unique and special product... Making symbols or signs from 12 circles, everybody create his/her own vision of the next year... Everybody has a freedom to play and create his/her own time... The message on every of 12 green circles / 12 months, reminds on the phenomenas from the nature and inspires to act positive regarding the natural environment...

There are 12 circles in 12 variations of green color for 12 months. Every circle has a two sides - one with calendar of the certain month and other in green color with a "message". There are magnets in the center of every cardboard circle and there are 12 self-stick plates aside, which could be positioned on any wall, glass, furniture surface... The user can flip the calendar side of the month which he/she wants to look at and enjoy in the beauty of the rest green circles...

Designer: Od-do Arhitekti
Natasa & Yugoslava
Client: Telenor Serbia