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Companhia Athletica Calendar

Some of the members of Companhia Athletica gym weren't feeling particularly motivated. Without the proper information, some of them enrolled wishing to obtain results in only a few weeks. And since that didn't happen, they ended up losing their motivation and not showing up to exercise. In some cases, they even gave up altogether.

Aiming at showing that the aqcuisition of fitness and health is a long-term arduous process, they created two good-humored and differentiated calendars to the gym. Once contained a male silhouette, and the other a female one. In January they see the overweight silhouettes, but as the months go by, the results begin to appear and they get in shape. The calendars were posted in all Companhia Athletica's branches. Besides that students also received their own calendar.

Advertising Agency: DDB Brazil
Creative Directors: Sergio Valente, Rodrigo Almeida, Renata Florio, Moacyr Netto
Creatives: Renato Salzano, Daniel Lemos, Ricardo Salgado
Accont supervisor: Suzana Poli, Marcelo Balista de Macedo
Ilustration: Estudio 3
Fotographer: Sergio Prado