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What is Hexachrome™?
Hexachrome™ is Pantone's high fidelity six-color printing process. Hexachrome™ provides dramatically improved color range and accuracy over four-color process printing.

What are the colors used in Hexachrome™?
The special ink set developed by Pantone*, Inc. is purer than traditional ink sets and consists of enhanced versions of the subtractive primaries yellow, magenta and cyan, along with black, vivid orange and green. Hexachrome™ is capable of simulating over 90% of solid Pantone* Matching System Colors, almost twice the number that can be obtained using conventional four-color process printing.

What are the advantages of Hexachrome™?
Hexachrome™ can achieve a considerably wider range of color than standard four-color process printing. The conventional four color process inks in general are not very pure, and the cyan in particular is a dirty color. Pantone responded by creating a six-channel color model that uses purer CMYK inks and adds Hexachrome Green and Hexachrome Orange inks to accommodate shortcomings in those color ranges. The result is an image that is more vibrant and has a color gamut approaching that of the RGB color model, and it is used best in circumstances where vibrant RGB color needs to be preserved in an ink-based printing.

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