Lenticular Printing

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Ilusionary Art from simple flips to complex 3D images

How it works
Each image is sliced into strips, which are then interlaced with one or more other images. These are printed on the back of a piece of plastic, with a series of long, thin lenses molded into the other side. The lenses are lined up with each image interlace, so that light reflected off each strip is refracted in a slightly different direction, but the light from all strips of a given image are sent in the same direction. The end result is that a single eye looking at the print sees a single whole image, but an eye with a different angle of view will see a different image.


Objects within an image are layered to give the illusion of depth and perspective. Unlike 2-dimensional design, using this lenticular effect allows graphics to appear more realistic. Lenticular 3D can be incorporated into most images or design styles.

A dramatic swapping of two images-each vanishing and then reappearing from one to another. Utilizing this lenticular flip effect is most beneficial for demonstrating "cause-and-effect" or even "before-and-after" comparisons.

With a series of images coming together to create an animation much like a short movie clip, this is the most complex lenticular effect. The illusion of motion actually comes from either a selection of video frames or sequential still images. This lenticular animation effect is great for emphasizing body movement or mechanical action.

The conversion of one image into another is used to create the illusion of transformation. This lenticular morph effect can be used for showcasing a product or feature that may change or create change.

The illusion of movement from background to foreground to create the effect of "leaping out" or "jumping back." A lenticular zoom animation can consist of one or more objects, or even a full image. This effect works best for highlighting elements such as products, logos, or important messages.

Common Use
Album covers
Books covers
Calling cards
CD covers
Cereal boxes
Currency cards
DVD covers
Gift cards
Luggage tags
Magazine covers
Playing cards
Shelf tags
Trading cards

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