Micro Flute Printing

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G-flute, printed directly with offset-printing, attractive and environment friendly…

Typical micro-flute applications include product and transport packaging. Advantages over solid board include the fact that less raw material is required to achieve a given level of stability. Micro-flute packaging also has better stacking and flexural strength and weighs less. Its superior insulating properties also make it ideal for deep-freeze fast-food packaging. Short-grain material must be used for micro-flute printing. The flutes then lie in the direction of travel, offering greater stability.

G-flute is lighter and stronger than paper board, which contributes to saving resources. Offset printing can be done directly on G-flute, so the process of laminating printed sheet can be omitted, which leads to time and cost savings. G-flute has attracted attention as an environmentally friendly packaging paper.

Less weight and volume with an optimum solidity quality
Less outer pack through a highly stable sales packaging
Faster production without lamination of printed sheets
Advantages of transport, stocking and disposal as the finest corrugated board on the market.
Optimal printing quality for the best advertisement effect on the POS
Higher sales support by possible additional printing on the inner side.

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