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Panels : The framework for your vision.

Pre-finished frames allow you to erect a stunning stand quickly and cost effectively with no tools. Hardly any preparatory work involved. The sturdy aluminum frames are reusable, making them an attractive proposition for anyone involved in exhibit displays. What's more, they can be dressed to suit individual tastes with infills. Infill panels can be made from any material (Syntra, Di-bond, Laminates, Aluminum, plexiglass, etc.). They are mounted onto the frames effortlessly by simply using hook and loop tape.

Straight Walls
Having a sound framework is only half the battle. All our panels, irrespective of size and dimensions are made from sturdy aluminum. Because they are very easy to link, you can build or dismantle your stand within a short period of time and use the same panels to keep re-inventing a new tradeshow stand, show after show. Thanks to our innovative cladding, even the profiles are rendered invisible.

Curved Walls
Think outside the box and bend back those straight panels. Our curved panels, manufactured from the same sturdy aluminum as our straight panels, gives your stand the extra edge. Thanks to these clever solutions you can effortlessly create a cocoon or pillar. By linking the curved panels to their straight counterparts, you end up with a flowing, meticulously finished look.