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The Esko Kongsberg digital diecut tables offer short-run production, achieving a fully digital workflow that saves the cost and waiting time for a cutting die. Digital die cutting allows you to get creative without restrictions of expensive steel die cutiing. Cut almost any material from thin paper to 1.5 inch thick plywood, or corrugated cardboard. We are able to efficiently produce a vast array of finished graphic products such as flat and structural point of purchase, flexible vinyl, adhesives, in-store displays, outdoor advertising, fleet & vehicle graphics, decal and label, and more.

When printed graphics are produced, distortion is introduced into the printed results that make the original digital die line inaccurate for cutting. This distortion occurs with digital, offset and screen printing and can be due to the printing process itself, the media instability, variable roll tension, distortion during lamination, and more. With i-cut vision technology, you never needs to worry about these types of problems.

With our advanced cutting software, we can generate cutting paths on the fly along with automatic bleed generation that result in faster turnaround with perfectly produced products. We can also automatically tile huge building wraps / billboards / murals into manageable sizes removing costly guess works at installation.

Technical Specifications
Maximum board size : 126.5" x 147"
Maximum cutting depth : 1"
Cut and route virtually any material from paper to wood
Position accuracy : 300um
Automatic roll feeder : 126.5" wide and unlimited roll media length

Advantage of Digital Diecut
No dies required
No extra time required for die cutting
Die cut any material we print
Perfect for quantities of 1 to 500
Any size works : from 3" x 4" up to 87" x 120"

Finishing Method
Corner Rounding
Hole Punching
Shape Contouring
Kiss Cutting

Corrugated Cardboard
MDF / Plywood

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