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Foil films applied by hot stampint / foil stamping is to achieve polished metal look or highlight spot areas like logos. The end result is highly reflective surface far better than those achievable by metallic inks. Metallic inks tends to be absorbed into the stock leaving a duller looking effect. Foil stamping requires a metal plate with an engraved image. The plate strikes a foil film, transferring the foil coating from the roll film onto the substrate that is to be imprinted. The substrate then receives the high-density metallic finish, resulting in a reflective image with a bright and dense metallic appearance. A wide selection of foil colors, finishes, and effects are available such as gold, silver, and colored metallics; marble, leather, wood, snakeskin, and pearl finishes; and geometric multi-dimensional patterns.

Common Uses
Book Covers
Business Cards
Window Envelopes
Markeint Materials

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