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Perfect binding is the most popular binding method along with spiral wire binding. However, perfect bound books don’t lie flat. Mechanically bound materials like Wire-O and spiral wire do lie flat, but usually cost more to produce.
National Geographic and Vogu Magazine are perfect examples of perfect binding. Also known as adhesive binding, this gives a publication a much different look and feel than using staples. This binding option is a popular method and approximately 40 percent of national magazines are perfect bound.

Bookstore paperback look
Square bound edge
Printable on the spine
Covers with hinge scores available
Strong, economical binding
Perfect page registration
Great for crossover images because it has no "step-up"

Technical Tips
Book sizes up to 12"x12" and 1.6" thick
Finish trim requires minimum 1/8" all sides

Common Uses
Annual Reports
Booklets Books

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