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Drip-off Effect

Enticing matt-gloss effects are produced with coatings and are frequently used to enhance brochures, posters, calendars, and folding cartons. While a coating applied over the whole area makes a striking impression through its uniform surface, matt-gloss coatings applied to only selected parts of the surface create a strong contrast. Glossy coated image areas stand out, while matt coated ones are left in the background. A 3D effect is created and the "object of desire" invites the reader to feel it. Matt-gloss effects do not just produce a visual highlight. The striking tactile design also encourages the observer to touch the coated surfaces.

As a UV high-gloss coating is used for the hybrid application, the gloss level is comparable to that achieved with the UV application. The matt effect in the hybrid application, however, has a surface which is less smooth than with the UV application, also known as a hybrid effect.

Spotligting the product
Bringing out particular details
Applied in-line as one pass

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