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Folding cartons and labels are often printed on aluminized papers or aluminum-coated cardboards. Since it is difficultand time-consumingfor standard inks to penetrate these non-absorbent printing materials, this canlead toproblems with drying and adhesion. Consequently, either UV inks, special conventional foil inks or, depending on the press configuration, a mixed mode of operation can be used for such applications.

Metallic colors can be produced by printing transparent offset inks on the metallized material. An opaque white is applied where the printing stock’s metallic gloss should not show on the motif. This can beachieved using either an offset unit or a coating unit.

Paperboard with metalised PET laminated to the print side is suitable for decorative applications where a luxurious appeal is required. The metallised PET has also very good barrier properties.

Paperboard with aluminium foil laminated to the print side is suitable for packages where decorative applications are requested in combination with superior barrier and heat sealing properties. The lamination with aluminium foil makes the board practically impermeable to light, moisture, flavours and gases. Aluvision is available bright (BAlu) or matt (MAlu).

PE is applied on top of the aluminium foil for printability and can be applied on the reverse side for barrier purposes.

Common Use
Hair care and toiletries
Perfume and cosmetics
Wine and spirits

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