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Pearlescent Effect Coating

Pearlescent effect coatings bring surfaces to life and give a convincing, natural impression.

Pearlescents / Iriodines are effect pigments that produce a deep gloss and consistent sheen on the surface of the printing stock. They consist of mineral mica and refractive metal oxide layers and offer unusual design options. Whether brochures or packagings, high-quality cosmetics, brilliant car paints or luxury jewelry, the subtle color and light reflections of iriodines deliver impressive results for spot or full-area applications.

A pearly luster effect is produced by the dependence of reflection on viewing angle, and the sense of depth is created by reflection from many layers. The platelets must be extremely smooth to maximize reflected light and any surface roughness diminishes the lustrous effect. Non-fine particles or pigments with rough edges can also negatively affect the lustrous appearance.

Silver-white, gold gloss, metal gloss, and interference pigments are available. Their effects vary depending on the pigment size and the sequence in which the inks and pigments are applied. Fine pigments, for example, exhibit very high opacity with a silky gloss character, while coarse pigments offer a sparkling effect with low opacity. The Pearlescents / iriodines are applied inline using the coating unit of a printing press. The smoother the surface of the printing stock, the more effective the pigments.

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