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Not just protecting a printed piece, a varnish can make designs even more memorable.
From design to photo selection to paper choice and binding, everything is important to the look of the final printed product. But there is one thing that can make your printed piece shine—a varnish. Used to protect a page or print product from scuffing, wear or smearing, a clear varnish coating can really enhance photographs or graphics and focus your reader’s attention.

This economical finish provides a mild shine and protection.

A varnish can be applied in two ways.
overprint or flood varnish is applied over the entire printed surface, thus no special preparation is needed. This application is good for protecting projects that may be exposed to moisture or just used a lot. Plus it makes finished jobs look great.
spot varnish is applied to selected parts, like photos or graphics, and is mainly used for aesthetic reasons. Spot varnishes can make color photos seem to jump out, but you will have extra costs in prepress, setups and plates.

Varnishes can be applied with a gloss or matte finish.
The gloss varnish reflects more light and adds to the sharpness and saturation of images.
A matte or dull varnish is used on a page that has mostly text. It increases readability by diffusing light and reducing glare.

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