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Printing as a Art !

At GlobalShop 2013, Unicorn Graphics proudly introduced the art of direct printing on various materials from tin ceiling tiles to artificial flowers. Among them, a collage of paint brushes drew the most attention from attendees. The printed displays involved an assembly of unconventional surfaces. Every example of the display pieces had unusual surface textures and some with extreme height differences. Using
our 30 years of experience, we overcame these challenges. Achieving color vibrancy on these non print-friendly surfaces required painstaking calibration and is the result of being certified G7 master printers.

We call this innovative process Spatial Prints™. The Spatial Printing process is revolutionary since there are no limitations for choosing materials or substrates in creating displays or signage. With our Spatial Printing technology, we create extraordinary art pieces from ordinary items. Aside from the wide variety of usable materials, Spatial Prints™ allows us to upcycle rather than recycle adding more value to the items we create.