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This is what we're all about!

High quality digital workflow from your native Macintosh or PC files to plate directly including a digitally printed proof.

Our highly skilled imaging specialists go way above and beyond the call of duty. Each file submitted is checked to insure that it will image properly. We always check and adjust colors and traps, and look for missing pictures, fonts or bad picture formats... Once the file is checked ok, our proofing will be done digitally using our Epson Stylus Pro 9600 proofing system.

There is no film or manual intervention required when we make plates. We use the Agfa Avalon Computer to Plate system and an Agfa Apogee X workflow to produce the accurate and finest quality plates. The whole process is done digitally!

Furthermore we use state of the art Agfa Azura plates which provides the high quality imaging associated with a thermal system, without chemical processing. Elimination of chemistry removes all process variables and simplifies platemaking, giving clear and consistent results.

File Preparation
Paper Stocks

We really make a difference here!
Postscript files
PDF files
Works with native formats (PC or Mac)
In-rip Trapping
Digital page impositions
Line screens up to 300 lpi
Full digital workflow
No process Azura plates

File Uploading
Place all necessary files for output into a folder on your hard drive. Compress the entire folder or contents of the folder into one file. Macintosh users may use Stuffit, or any similar program that will create binhex files. PC users may use Zip file.

To upload files simply using common cloud based file sharing site, or contact us how to upload to our cloud share.

Our goal is to image plate dot to dot, the first time!